Korean archery


I came across my friend’s old post of me drawing Korean archery.

One of the friends of me and my wife has introduced her father to us. He kindly gave me one of his old Korean bows.

I used to practice Japanese traditional bow(Kyudo, 弓道). I had not practiced after graduating from high school, so it was my first time after about 15 years.

Yet, some things will never go away – especially not the ones you learned with your hard work and physical commitment! I did a good job in drawing the strong Korean bow, which surprised our friend’s kind father.

Compared to Japanese bow, Korean bow is shorter…but stronger! The targets were located more than 80 meters away from the shooters if I recall correctly. That is more than double of what Japanese archers practice.

Due to Covid (and busy work!) I have not managed to practice this beautiful art. I will do my best to stay fit and always be a good archer.

Lastly let me insert my Tweet on these photos.

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