Fun-filled Adventure on the Han River

Last week, I had an amazing time riding a water boat on the Han River. With a capacity of 30 people, the boat offered a delightful experience for me and my colleagues. Join me as I recount this enjoyable escapade, complete with captivating photos and videos! During the boat ride, we brought along some ice-coldContinue reading “Fun-filled Adventure on the Han River”

A Memorable Outing to Yeouido Hangang Park with My Twins

This weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to take my twin children to Yeouido Hangang Park. Despite the slightly chilly weather, we made use of a windproof cover for the stroller and managed to have a great time. The park was bustling with people enjoying the outdoors. We decided to drive to the park, andContinue reading “A Memorable Outing to Yeouido Hangang Park with My Twins”